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English Introduction


While driving the fantastic lake way Cheongpyeong dam is connected with Petit France, Nami Island, you can see pretty Swiss-styled white pension. If you come down the stairs after parking your car in wide parking lot, you can discover the cool landscape of lake the firstly. You will naturally release the exclamation, ¡°What a beautiful scenery it is!!¡± Interlaken means ¡°backwoods lake¡± and the name was attached because the landscape harmonized by mountain and lake together is similar to Interlaken of Swiss. Interlaken Pension which is proud of individual beautiful and characteristic landscape of spring, summer, autumn and winter is within an hour's drive from Seoul, so you can take a rest by a light heart with family, lover, friend or company colleague in there.
- Address : 786-4, Goseong-ri, Cheongpyeong-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
- e-mail : interlakenps@naver.com

In all of the rooms, you can see the view of beautiful and calm lake which seems to be wide and enjoy elegant barbecue party in barbecue spot located in the lake of front 3m. In the pension, there are wide ground and garden and people can enjoy various marine leisures. And, there is cruise dock of Cheongpyeong ferry, so people can enjoy sightseeing of Cheongpyeong lake and Hongcheon river through the 80-people cruise. Also, people can climb mountains at the back of Homyeong mountain and there is a strength to go around neighboring sightseeing attractions such as Petit France, Nami Island, etc.

On the 1st floor, there are seminar room, restaurant, outdoor barbecue spot, foot volleyball ground and water front. And, there is wide deck related to cafe on the second floor, so several festivals can be held. Because of the rooms which have various structures and pyeong types, we provide reservation guidance for the characteristics of guest meeting. Please use Interlaken Pension who is making an effort for customer's needs so that guests can enjoy comfortable and pleasant trips as many as possible.

Location and way to come

It's within one hour's drive from Seoul and capital area. And, it can be approached by public transportation.
786-5, Goseong-ri, Cheongpyeong-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
(1) By car : Within an hour's drive from Gangnam,Seoul(60Km)
(2) By public transpotation
- Seoul to Cheongpyeong : BUS OR TRAIN for Chuncheon (40min)
- Cheongpyeong to Pension : BUS OR TAXI (15min)
   From Chyeongpyeong Bus Terminal (for Goseong-ri) to Yangjin dock bus stop,
   The time of bus should be previously confirmed in homepage, etc. Or Using yellow bus in tourist attraction of Gapyeong

Introduction of rooms

There are various rooms such as rooms for 2 people, 6 people, 8 people, etc.
- Couple room (Eiger/Tune), loft family room (6 people, Brienz/Jungfrau), two-room type (8 people, Balmer/Garden)
- Guests can see the lake from all of rooms and they are furnished for the number of people.
- For the barbecue, guests can use outdoor barbecue spot located in the lakeside.
- Rooms with a fire place: Couple rooms and Balmer room.

Additional facilities

There are several facilities for your convenient travel.
- Foot volleyball ground, water front (in only summer), deck, outside garden, market, restaurant (for 50 people, previous reservation, charged), cafe (charged), seminar room (for 50 people, previous reservation, charged), outside barbecue spot (10 spots, if you want to use grill, you must purchase charcoal set and make a reservation during the room reservation. standard of 1 set for 2-3 people), Cruise of Cheongpyeong lake (charged), marine leisure (charged), etc.
- Special features: events, group meal, guidance of surrounding tourist attractions and introduction of them

Surrounding tourist attractions

They will be comfortable resting places as the base camp of Gapyeong trip. Especially, they are in the middle of beautiful Cheongpyeong lake which has the most beautiful landscape in Gapyeong. There are famous tourist attractions such as main attractions, valley, festival place, gallery, ski resort, golf course, leisure facility, etc. within 30 minutes' drive.
- Cheongpyeong lake (0Km): cruise, marine leisure, lake landscape of wet fog
- Homyeong mountain and Homyeong lake (parking lot 4Km): mountain climbing
- Main tourist attractions: Petit France (2Km), Nami Island (16Km), Jara Island (17Km), The Garden of Morningcalm (22Km)
- Amusement park / valley: Cheongpyeong amusement park and Jochong stream (8km), Daeseong-ri (14Km), Homyeong valley (3Km), Yongchu valley (18Km)
- Winter trip: snowy Cheongpyeong lake, Cheongpyeong ice festival (8Km), Gapyeong sledge park (15Km), Jara Island winter festival (17Km), Gangchon Ellisian ski resort (25Km)
- Gallery: Ryu Mi Jae gallery (1Km), Gail gallery (17Km)
- Golf course: Midas valley (20Km), Jade garden (23Km), Gangchon Ellisian (25Km), Gapyeong Benest (27km)
- Others: riding, bungee jump, sabali, survival game ground (10 minutes)


There are contac point, way of reservation and other cautions.
- Methods of reservation
   Call reservation or online reservation in homepage (Korean)
   In care of foreign languages, please inquire by email.
   (write reservation room, number of guests including children, using of barbecue spot, transportation, etc.)
- In case of group (maximum 100 people) or meal, you should make a reservation after the previous counseling.
- Check-in 3 p.m. and check-out 11 a.m.
- Pets cannot be accompanied.